Thinking of fixing damage to your home yourself? Why you should contact your home insurance broker first.

Storm damage caused to home in ireland

This week cautions homeowners about the risks of attempting repairs on your home after a storm.

After storms Ciara and Dennis have fallen on Ireland these last few weeks, many homeowners have experienced damage to the exteriors of their home. In this type of situation, it can be tempting to try and make repairs yourself in order to try and cut down costs.

However what most don’t realise is that trying to fix the problem yourself can in fact impact upon your home insurance policy down the line. This week the experts at are sharing why contacting your insurance broker prior to attempting repairs can be essential to protecting both your home and your policy.

What if I can fix the damage myself?

Broken window insurance claim

Even if you are a qualified electrician, builder or otherwise capable handy-person, a self-fix solution which is not authorized by your insurance broker will mean that any additional issues linked to the repair can void a future claim which you might wish to make.

For example, if you try to repair a broken window, and the sealant used is not effective and causes a leak which results in further damage to the interior of your home, then you may not be able to claim on this damage. Working with your insurance company as soon as possible after noticing the issue is essential even if it seems easy to solve on your own.

Why should I contact my home insurance broker?

home insurance brokers

Your home insurance brokers have experience in managing damage to your home. While we do suggest attempting to take some practical mitigating steps such as, for example, placing a bucket under a roof leak or removing any potential hazardous materials from around your home, we caution that carrying out further repairs may actually cause more damage to your home. By inquiring about the damage, your home insurance broker can advise you of the best immediate steps when managing your home repair.

What happens if I fail to contact my broker after experiencing storm damage?

Protecting your home from storm damage

 If you fail to contact your home insurance broker promptly after you’ve experienced damage to your home, you are losing valuable time that you could be using to ensure that the issue is resolved effectively. Your broker can ensure that the damage is recorded appropriately, advise you of temporary solutions to mitigate any worsening of the situation and will liaise with your insurance company to ensure the issue is resolved effectively and promptly.

Your home is likely your most valuable financial asset, which is why you have insurance. By utilizing the benefits of your insurance policy, you can ensure that your home remains protected and that you are acting in the best interest of yourself and your property.

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