Why use a home insurance broker?

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Here are nine good reasons to use a home insurance broker to get the best deal for your home insurance needs:

  • Impartiality – A broker is not biased towards or against any particular insurer.
  • Independence – A broker is independent and offers advice on the whole market.
  • Choice – A broker has full access to the insurance marketplace and can therefore offer the consumer choice.
  • Personal touch – A broker will take time out to access and understand the needs of the consumer.
  • Product Range – A broker has access to a variety of companies so we can compare and contrast different offerings of different companies in order to advise the consumer the best policy to take out.
  • Best price – A broker will find the best price for the most appropriate product from the best product provider in the market to suit the consumer.
  • Market Service Standards – A broker knows the market and can access which product provider has the best quality service for the customer.
  • Claims – In this most important area a broker will help you through the claims process and effectively manage the claim on your behalf, minimising the burden and stress of claims handling from the client.

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