What to do after a flood?

What to do after flood

After the devastating floods in Donegal last week, it’s hard to know what to do first. Insuremyhouse.ie are here to help.

Insuremyhouse.ie‘s Claims Manager, Gerard Carter, has compiled a checklist of what to do to get your house back to normal after a flood.

  • Make sure your home is safe by turning off all electrical sockets at the fuse board.
  • Inform your house insurance company immediately and seek advice from your House Insurance Broker or Loss Assessor as this is not a simple issue and there is a lot at stake.
  • Use your phone to video everything inside and outside of the house regardless of whether you think it is covered or not. If you can’t use the video (and cannot get someone to assist you with this) take as many photographs as possible firstly from a distance and then move in closer.
  • Make an effort to salvage what you can by moving your house contents to an upstairs room or elsewhere but only after itemising and photographing if going off-site.
  • If you have to leave items in the open get some builders plastic (any builders suppliers will sell you a roll) to cover everything and secure it with anything that will keep it in place.
  • Valuable items should not be left unattended in case of theft.
  • Consider alternative accommodation for yourself and whoever resides with you but don’t expect Insurers to pay for accommodation that is not similar to your own. Secure the property as well as possible and call back on a regular basis to check (inform local Gardaí your house is vacant).
  • Keep receipts for absolutely everything you have to purchase regarding your loss. You can sort out what is and is not covered later.
  • Consider trying to defend your home or property by whatever means you have at your disposal from further damage (you have an obligation under your policy) to mitigate your loss.
  • Try and put together as much information (receipts etc.) of the damage or destroyed items as the more you supply the more you will receive.
  • If food stuffs have to be thrown out (contents of fridge, fridge freezer etc) photograph and keep a list.
  • Don’t waste time and money with household dehumidifiers. After a serious flood your house insurance policy will cover the cost for a professional firm to come and do this job properly. It may cost €10/12k to dry out a standard bungalow properly.

Lastly, read your policy booklet that you received when you took out the policy or visit the insurers website and you will be able to view a household policy booklet and how they deal with their claims.

The best advice I can give anyone is seek professional advice, call Insuremyhouse.ie on 01 603 2999 or Email us if you need any further assistance.