We’ve Got Christmas Covered

Christmas is a time of spreading joy and happiness with each other. It only takes one thing to go wrong to spoil all of this. According to the Central Statistics Office (www.cso.ie) house burglaries have been on the rise year on year. In 2012 there were 27,000 recorded burglaries across Ireland. They occur more often around Christmas than at any other time of year. Burglars know that home owners are buying Christmas presents and storing them at home. With people working during the day, homes become a prime target for burglars. Even after Christmas and the New Year burglars tend to target houses more due to the items (some of which are expensive) now in houses.

Can you imagine coming home to your house after it has been burgled and everything had been taken? Christmas would almost certainly be ruined. Although it will not get the items returned to you, they can be covered under your home insurance. This would mean you can recoup the value of the items stolen and still save Christmas. There would be no need for disappointed and unhappy faces on Christmas morning.

Home insurance will not stop a burglar from robbing your house but it will give you the peace of mind that, if you do become the victim of a burglary, your insurance will cover the cost of the items stolen. It will also minimise the cost involved in the incident.

At insuremyhouse.ie we can get you the right cover for your needs and give you peace of mind that your Christmas is covered. Our house insurance specialists can talk you through your options and have everything ready for you within one quick phone call.

Call us today on 01 603 2999 get your Christmas covered with comprehensive home and contents cover. Our home insurance specialists will insure you get the right cover for your needs.