Top Tips For House Crime Prevention

Tips House Crime Prevention

House burglaries are not a new phenomenon and they certainly don’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon by the looks of the approx. 28,000 that happen every year in Ireland. Having your home burgled can be traumatic and leave you both financially and emotionally stressed. In order to help prevent your house from becoming a target of burglars there are a number of things that you can do.

Here we have brought together 10 top tips on how you can help reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by a burglar.

  1. Burglars are always targeting houses that look easy to break into, so if your home looks difficult to enter the chances are they will avoid it and move on.
  2. Ensure your back door is locked and secure. Criminals normally choose to get in from the rear of the house as they are less likely to be seen by passers-by or neighbours. Patio doors should be also fitted a mortise bolt and an anti-lift device. Fitting a good and sturdy padlock onto the back gate can also prevent them from entering the back garden. Another thing to be wary of is to not leave the back door open, even if you are in the house, as burglaries can and have occurred while the people have been in the house.
  3. Don’t leave spare keys outside where they can be found. Most burglars have been at it a while and are aware of the usual hiding places, like under the flowerpot or doormat or on a string inside the letter box, and they can also think of potential hiding places from just looking at a house.
  4. Keep all ladders or equipment that can be used to scale the house locked in the shed or chain them to something solid so as they cannot be used. Wheelie bins are often the perfect height to stand on to reach a window so chain them down to a solid object away from the house.
  5. A spy hole in the front door is something simple that can deter a burglars as they do not know if somebody is on the other side looking out at them. They will sometimes even knock to see if anyone is in. They will not know if the house is empty or if you have decided not to open the door. This can be off putting for them. Another good idea is to fit a door chain to the front door. This will help prevent them from barging the door open if you answer the door to them.
  6. A strong second lock that is clearly visible on your front door is also a great way to deter possible entry. If you only have one lock the burglar may still be able to force the door open. The second lock make this task a lot harder for them. The longer they need to get into the house the higher the risk of getting caught. Most won’t take the risk if they see a second lock on the door.
  7. Fit key operated locks on all windows both large and small and lock them when you go out or won’t be using them for extended periods of time. If a burglar can open a window so it is just wider than their head, most will be able to squeeze the rest of their body in.
  8. Something as simple as blinds or nets on windows can help dismiss potential burglars. What they cannot see presents a risk to them. Most burglars will not make an attempt on a hose that presents even small risks to them. This goes back to point one on our list.
  9. Participating in a local Neighbour Watch scheme can also help out. Having more than just one set of eyes looking out for your home can help stop crime and even help catch those responsible. If you do join a neighbourhood watch make sure to place a sticker or sign on your window or house to let potential burglars know. Burglars will then be aware that are possibly being watching and may give up without even trying.
  10. If budgets permit you should think about getting an alarm system installed into your house. Again, if your budget permits, we would suggest looking into getting a monitored alarm on your house.

Although we cannot guarantee that following these tips will completely stop your house from being burgled, they will help you step in the right direction to preventing it from happening.

Following some of the tips outlined here can even help to reduce your home insurance premium. Talk to one of our house insurance specialists today on 0818 911 111 or fill out our quick quote form to see how much you can reduce your house insurance by. A quick chat with us could save you a lot more than just money.