Top DIY tips for your bathroom


Have you been spending a lot of time at home recently? Have you started to get tired of your living space? We’ve spoken previously about doing up your bedroom and your living room, well this time we’re headed for the bathroom.

Your bathroom is a part of your house that can be easily neglected, it takes a back seat in comparison to the rooms you spend the majority of your time in. However if you’re making your way through your home with DIY methods, then it’s quite possible that your bathroom could be next. We’re aware that bathroom renovations can be costly, but there’s so many improvements that you can make yourself! Here are some great DIY tips for your bathroom during this lockdown.

1.Replace your shower curtain.


We know how easy it can be to become complacent with bathroom materials. You put up a shower curtain when you move in and don’t think about it again until you move out.  However, a shower curtain is actually quite a dominant feature in your bathroom, chances are it’s one of the first things you see when you come in the door.

Shower curtains tend to gather mildew from damp conditions over time, this starts at the bottom but can easily make its way to the top. Replacing your old curtain with a new curtain in a brighter colour, is a great way to make a statement but also to refresh an unhygienic bathroom component.

In tandem with replacing your curtain, why not replace your bathmat too? Bathmats can become incredibly faded in a short amount of time (not to mind dirty) and they’re cheap to purchase. Go to your local homeware store and buy the two together!

2.Bring the great outdoors, indoors.


Another way to spruce up your bathroom is to populate shelving units and windowsills with plants. Bathroom plants undoubtedly make bathrooms feel fresher. Plants add a vibrant and rustic quality, so they are definitely worth the investment.

A good place to start with bathroom plants, is plants that thrive in damp or humid conditions like bamboo or aloe vera. Consider the amount of light you have flowing into your bathroom, if your house has low levels of light then you’ll have to invest in plants that can live in those conditions.

3.Paint all the walls or even just one!


When it comes to DIY jobs, painting the walls is always going to make the list. That’s because a small paint job can be relatively inexpensive, easy to do yourself and can also have a major impact on the look of a room.

Asses your bathroom size first, if your bathroom is very small then you could paint 3 walls a neutral colour and 1 wall a more vibrant colour. This could look really great. If your bathroom is very large, then all your walls might take well to a bright colour. Don’t forget however that it’s important to match your walls to the colour of your toilet and sink, you don’t want to have clashing colours or prints.

Remember that you will have to look at those walls everyday, so bear that in mind when you are choosing a colour to paint the walls.

4.Consider some new prints.


If the walls in your bathroom seem bare, even after a swanky new paint job, another way to spruce them up is to add a gallery wall. Bathrooms always seem to have a lot of forgotten wall space, generally they’re forgotten because more important rooms in our homes take precedent.

Why not take advantage of the space and add some creative prints? You can utilise the frames that you have around the house. There’s plenty of great Irish companies that supply prints for relatively cheap and these could be the making of your bathroom walls.

Check out some of Mark Conlan’s designs here for example.

5.Invest in some luxurious accessories.


While it might be out of your budget to reinvest in a nicer bath or toilet, it can be a lot cheaper to purchase some bathroom accessories. Go to your local homeware shop and have a look at pretty storage units, soap dispensers, mirrors and bath trays etc.

A nice free-standing storage unit filled with some bold coloured towels could actually do wonders for your bathroom space.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours for your accessories if you traditionally had a neutral bathroom.

6.Retile the walls.


If you are thinking of upping the game slightly with your bathroom DIY, you could consider retiling the walls. This DIY tip however, comes with a trigger warning, it is undeniably the hardest task on this list. It’s not for the faint hearted as it can be time-consuming and very frustrating.

However, the results can give you the feel of an entirely new room. What you need to ensure however is that you have all the materials you need before you sign up for this job.

Here’s an article that provides some tricks to help you do it and also tells you about all the materials you will require to get the job done.

Just because your bathroom is a function heavy space, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Improving your home doesn’t have to cost the world either.  

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