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Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, you might be wondering which home insurance policy is right for you. If you own but rent out your home, or you rent but do not own a home you might be wondering what is the best option for home insurance based upon you needs.

Both tenants and landlords require different insurance from a typical home owner. Thankfully, insuremyhouse.ie has a policy that is designed to suit your needs.

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Tenant’s Insurance

Tenants insurance insuremyhouse.ie

More and more people in Ireland are choosing to rent a property as opposed to buying. What you might not know is this means that you need your own tenant’s insurance policy. The main difference between a home insurance policy and tenant’s insurance policy is the tenant’s policy is designed to protect solely the contents of items in your home such as furniture, valuables and electronics.

What is covered under a tenant’s insurance policy?

Your renter’s insurance policy protects you against a myriad of potential risks that might come to your property. These include:

  • Flood damage
  • Malicious acts or vandalism
  • Water leakage such as burst pipes,
  • Theft
  • And more

With a tenant’s insurance policy, you can rest assured that your valuables, both financial and sentimental are protected in the case of an unexpected emergency.

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Landlord Insurance


Being a landlord means trusting a tenant to take care of and maintain the home that you ultimately own. While you may already have home insurance, many landlords may not realise that that they require a specific policy when they are in an own-to-let circumstance. This policy is designed to protect both the landlords property, financial wellbeing as well as the contents inside the property that is in use by the tenant.

What is covered under a Landlord’s insurance policy?

Landlord insurance policy can cover a myriad of issues that you might face as a landlord. These include:

  • Loss or damage to property
  • Theft
  • Loss of rent
  • Legal fees
  • And more

A landlords insurance policy is designed to ensure that you and your home are protected when managing tenants and allows you to have a piece of mind when entrusting your property to another person.

Please note that to purchase landlord insurance you must hold a legal residence that is registered through the Residential Tenancy Board – rtb.ie

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