Strange Houses: Part 1

Strange Houses Part1

Every year more and more people around the world are designing and building their own homes. The popularity of self-build TV programmes is rising rapidly and more people are looking to make unique houses unlike anything around them.

We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the most unique and sometimes the strangest houses from around the world. They included tiny homes, prehistoric homes and even transparent houses…

The designs and architecture we found show us that there is no limit to how the brain works when designing a house for a home.

Transparent House, Japan

Transparent House 1

Transparent House 2

The transparent house in Japan offers you a lot of day light, but not much privacy.

It was inspired by our ancient predecessors, who inhabited trees.

The Keret House, Poland

Slimest House 1

Slimest House 2

Measuring just 92 to 152 centimetres in width, and inserted between two existing buildings.

The Keret House, is one of the slimmest houses in the world.

Old Water Tower Turned Into Modern Home, Belgium

Water Tower House 1

Water Tower House 2

This 100ft tall ultra-modern home was made by converting an old water tower that was once used by Nazi soldiers as a hide out during WW2.

Giant Seashell House, Mexico

Shell House 1

Shell House 2

Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright were the inspiration behind this giant shell house.

It was designed and built by a family with two young kids from Mexico City.

Stone House, Portugal

Stone House 1

Stone House 2

This home is truly a unique house. It is built using three huge boulder on the side of a hill.

It looks like one giant rock but has a door windows and a chimney. It has also become a big tourist attraction in Portugal.

As you can see some of the above homes are extremely imaginative and unique. This is only half of our list. In part 2 they houses get even stranger and more unique. We love to hear and read about these types of unique self-build homes. If you have any stories or even built your own home, why not share your experiences with us. Just leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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