Storm Safety – Top Tips To Get Your House Prepared

Storm Safety - Top Tips To Get Your House Prepared

Ireland looks set to be hit by bad weather again this weekend with Storm Brian on its way.

While your house insurance will cover you in the event of a catastrophe, there is some important preparation that you can do to get you property storm ready.’s Claims Specialist, Gerard Carter, gives some of his best tips:

  • Make sure your gutters are unblocked and free from obstructions such as moss or, as is often found at the downpipe, a tennis ball that had been hit onto the roof. This invariable lodges at the entrance to the down pipe having been in the gutter.
  • Make sure the external gullies in the ground for your waste pipes (sink etc.) are clear of leaves.
  • Do a visual check of your roof from your garden and attic to ensure no tiles have moved after the recent storm (ridge tiles also). Some minor repairs may be need, don’t leave these as a small hole can cause huge damage.
  • Make sure you cover all air vents as this is a way for water to enter your home and may not be noticed until serious damages become apparent.
  • Make sure gutters on the road next to your house are not blocked-ring your local County Council roads department if they are (but free them with a brush if time is of the essence).
  • Move pets to a secure location.
  • Move valuables upstairs or to counter tops in a bungalow.
  • If flooded, turn off electricity at the mains and unplug all electrician devises and tape over sockets at low level.
  • Consider trimming overhanging trees.
  • Move cars etc. from the area that may flood.
  • If you leave the house make sure it is secure, inform the Gardai and leave the key with neighbours. Consider staying at night yourself or at least check the house on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your garage and sheds are properly secured.
  • Try and protect glass houses from strong winds.
  • Never leaves cash or jewellery in a vacant house.
  • For houses in flood zones, consider building a wall around your boundary and keep sandbags for emergencies. A small pump may also be useful.

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