Preparing Your House For Winter Weather

Preparing Your House For Winter Weather

Get Your Home Winter Ready

Alas, the evenings are becoming shorter and the nights colder. During the long winter months, your house is at its most vulnerable to weather damage. has put together a list of home preparation tips that you can implement to prevent damage to your house in the event of severe storms, flooding or general bad weather.

Clear Gutters

Make sure your gutters are unblocked and free from obstructions such as moss. Blocked gutters prevent sufficient water drainage, which leaves your property susceptible to considerable damage. It’s easy to forget but it is so important to clear your gutters!

Make sure the drains on the road next to your house are not blocked either – ring your local County Council roads department if they are (but free them with a brush if time is of the essence).

Make sure the external gullies in the ground for your waste pipes (sink etc.) are clear of leaves.

Visually Check Your Roof

Do a visual check of your roof from your garden and attic to ensure no tiles have moved from past storms (ridge tiles also). Some minor repairs may be need, don’t leave these as a small hole can cause huge damage.

Clear Air Vents and Chimneys

Make sure you cover all air vents as this is a way for water to enter your home and may not be noticed until serious damages become apparent. We know getting your chimney swept is stuck on the bottom of the longlist but an unswept chimney is a serious fire hazard. Now is the time to bump that chimney sweep to the top of your list!

Keep Your Pets Safe

Move pets to a secure location. Now is the time for Benson the outdoor dog to become Benson the indoor dog, or at least secure him in a well-insulated shed/doghouse.

Avoid entry of rodents by blocking all openings, particularly if you live in an older house. Your home is a feeding frenzy for these little creatures, do everything you can to prevent them from entering. If you do encounter an infestation, take all necessary precautions to eradicate them from your home and prevent future infestation.

Protect Against Storms And Floods

If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, you must be extra cautious during the stormy weather. Turn off electricity at the mains and unplug all electrician devices and tape over low level sockets. Water and electricity is a lethal combination. Remove your cars from areas that usually flood.

Consider building a wall around your boundary and keep sandbags for emergencies. A small pump may also be useful. Consider trimming overhanging trees.

Try and protect glasshouses from strong winds.

When Your House is Vacant

Inform the Gardai and leave the key with neighbours. Make sure you have your alarm set and check in on a regular basis.

Make sure your garage and sheds are properly secured.

Never leaves cash, jewellery or anything of significant value in a vacant house.

Check Your Heating System

Make sure your boilers have received their annual check and are fully fuelled ahead of the long winter months. Make sure you house is fully insulated and if there are areas of your home that need to be re-insulated, ensure you get it done before we are hit with harsh weather conditions.

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