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Airbnb Hosting has become increasingly popular in Ireland over the last few years. It's a great way of generating an extra income by renting out your spare room or your entire home. At Insuremyhouse.ie we have specific insurance policies specially designed for Irish Airbnb hosts.

In Ireland, Airbnb has been continually growing over the last number of years and is still on that upward curve. Currently Ireland has circa. 22,000 Airbnb host properties. An analysis carried out by third party companies has revealed that somewhere in the region of 9,900 of those Airbnb host properties are owner occupied.

Airbnb have recently released their 2017 insights report for Ireland. While the benefits definitely extend beyond the financial, the figures illustrate that Airbnb hosts across the country can supplement their income with a nice sum. Some of the key takeaways from the report were;

  • Hosts earned a total of €115 Million.
  • The average host earned €3,500 annually.
  • The average host had guests for 37 nights of the year.
  • There are 22,800 active listings (and growing).
  • 1.2 Million guests from outside Ireland used the platform.
  • 51% of listings were for the entire home. 48% were for a private room.


You can see a breakdown of average earnings per region in the handy table we’ve compiled below. While the extra cash in your pocket is always a lovely boost, the local economy will also be boosted by guests spending money on leisure and amenities. You also have the added benefit of providing visitors with an authentic cultural experience acting in part, as an ambassador for Ireland. One thing remains certain, that Airbnb hosting is something that is still experiencing an upward spiral across the country of Ireland. With visitors to all regions growing rapidly, Airbnb are providing guests with a chance to get an authentic Irish experience. While Dublin remains the most frequently visited region of the country Airbnb hosts in every part of Ireland are realizing the potential they have to grow.

Airbnb earnings and statistics per region:

Airbnb earnings per region

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Many property owners who are hosting via the Airbnb platform are unaware of the need to inform their insurer that the properties are being used as a host property via Airbnb. This is known as non-disclosure and may lead to insurers voiding policies or denying claims. This could be potentially devastating for a property owner in terms of ever getting insurance in the future. It could also result in future premiums skyrocketing.

Becoming an Airbnb host will not add a massive price onto the top of your policy, however it is paramount that insurers are made aware and can make the necessary amendments to your policy in order to make sure you are fully covered and insured as a home share host In the event something happens to your home.

Insuremyhouse.ie have developed an specialist insurance solution for these owner occupied risks. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Airbnb hosting insurance:

Who is Airbnb Home Share for?

1) Airbnb Home Share is for owner occupied principal private residences used for Airbnb hosting in the following circumstances:

-The owner remains in the home and hosts Airbnb guests in spare room(s)

-The owner vacates the property and hosts Airbnb guests for any one period up to 14 consecutive days and not more than 100 inconsecutive days in any one period of insurance.


2) If I have an apartment or holiday home which is not my principal residence and I host Airbnb guests on a full time basis, is Airbnb Home Share for me?

No – Home Share is strictly only for owner occupied properties in the scenarios outlined in answer number 1 above. But the good news is we can consider Granny Flats, Out Buildings and Log Cabins where they are an annex/adjoined to the insured property, please ask us for more details when getting a quote.


3) Will Airbnb Home Share cover all liabilities arising from Airbnb use?

No – Airbnb provide liability coverage for both Hosts and Guests while Airbnb Home Share will provide standard Household Buildings & Contents cover.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance provides cover of up to USD$1M for bodily injury and/or property damage to guests while in the property.

Airbnb Host Guarantee provides cover of up to €800,000 for hosts to cover damage to property incurred as a result of Airbnb hosting.


4) What other benefits will I enjoy with Airbnb Home Share?

Airbnb Home Share has 24/7 Home Emergency Assistance provided as standard: up to €260.00 plus vat on any one call out and up to 3 call outs per year.

Hosts should make the Home Emergency Assistance number clearly visible in the property so that in the event of an emergency arising when the guest is on site the consequences may be limited and not develop into a bigger issue.

Airbnb Home Share will also provide loss of income of up to €250.00 in any one period of insurance where a claim arising from an insured peril leads to the cancellation of an imminent confirmed Airbnb booking.


5) Is there anything else I should know?

Airbnb statistics suggest that incidents/claims are rare: of more than 30 million stays worldwide in 2016 claims in excess of USD$1,000 reimbursed through the host guarantee were reported in only 0.009% of stays – that’s a very low frequency.

In addition to the Host Protection and Host Guarantee Airbnb have built a dispute resolution process and platform to enable quick and efficient resolution of minor issues to avoid escalation into claims.

Plus the two way host /guest review rating protects both parties as neither hosts or guests will want a bad review to impact their respective rating.


Sinead Ryan of Independent.ie recently talked to Deirdre McCarthy of Insuremyhouse.ie about the topic of home insurance for Airbnb hosts. You can read the full article on our blog.

If you have paying guests in your home make sure you have the adequate cover in place. You may find yourself significantly out of pocket if you do not declare your activities as a host, if you try to make a claim, insurers can and will refuse to pay out. Insurers classify paying guests in the home as an additional risk, this applies if you are running a bed and breakfast, arranging lodgers independently or using a home share platform such as Airbnb. While the additional cost of home share insurance will by no means break the bank, being out of pocket as a result of an unpayable claim just might.


If you're looking for great value home insurance for your Airbnb property, call Insuremyhouse.ie now on 01 603 2999 or Click Here to get started on your quote!



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