House or UFO?

House UFO

So in our last blog we looked at some of the most lavish and expensive houses in the world. This time around we have decided to push the boat out a little and explore the notion of houses that look like they crashed here from outer space.

While looking at some of the homes on this list we found ourselves asking “Is that a house or a UFO?” way more times than we expected before we set out. Let us know what you think of each one?

Dymaxion House

Dymaxion House

Looking at this house you would be forgiven for thinking that it was something from Dr. Who. It is in fact the Dymaxion House. Wanting to create a factory-made house that was easily-assembled and efficient to run, architect Buckminster Fuller designed this house for production in the 1920s.


The ‘Roundhouse’

This spaceship like ‘roundhouse’ was the creation of Dutch architect Arne Jacobsen. Today Arne is more famous for his chair designs but the house he designed back in 1956 has stood the test of time and still looks futuristic.

Unnamed Albuquerque New Mexico

Un-named, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If the last two homes on the list didn’t seem otherworldly enough for you then this is where the fun really starts. The above house was designed by architect Bart Prince in 1983, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When it was first built the town people were not happy. Bart stated “When it was finished, the whole city was up in arms. Architects reacted as if a bomb had been dropped on the Louvre.”

Bob Hope Home

Bobe Hope’s Home

This house, built for comedian Bob Hope in the 1970s, really does look like a spaceship that has landed in California. When he first set eyes on it he famously joked “Well at least when they come down from Mars, they’ll know where to go.” We think it is a secret Thunderbirds base.

Arizona Death Star

The Arizona Death Star

First built to be a bar and restraint, this golf ball/spaceship cross is now a private residence in Arizona, along the famous Route 66. Locals have even given it the nickname of ‘The Arizona Death Star’, after the Star Wars films.

We had intended on leaving this list at 5 homes but we got a tip off about a house that looks extremely like a flying-saucer that you would expect to see on a documentary on UFO sightings.

Futuro House Flying Saucer

Futuro House

The flying-saucer like house is a Futuro house. Less than 100 of these pre-fabricated homes designed by Matti Suuronen in the 1960s and 70s were built. Today there are only about 50 left in existence… Where did the others go? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

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