House Insurance still valid even in severe weather

House Insurance still valid even in severe weather

House insurance not affected by Storm Ophelia.

Ireland is currently recovering from it’s worst storm in 50 years. Not since hurricane Debbie in 1961 has a storm with the wind speeds and destructive force of Ophelia; made it’s way to this side of the Atlantic. The entire country was subjected to severe ‘red’ weather warning, an occurrence which very rarely happens and demonstrated just how serious Met Eireann were taking this extra-tropical storm. Homeowners across the country have been worried how the extreme weather may affect insurance cover. A number of rumours were circulated on social media that during extreme weather events such as the one we experienced on Monday that insurance cover would be invalid if Ophelia caused any damage to both vehicles and homes.

Experts from across the insurance industry have stated that this is simply not true. A representative body for the insurance industry, Insurance Ireland, have moved to dispel these concerns:

“This is not impacted by the weather conditions,” the group said in a statement. & Managing Director Jonathan Hehir went on to re-iterate what was said by others in the insurance industry, stating that their was absolutely no reason that insurance claims would be invalid due to the storm and the normal claims process would be in place for any Ophelia related incidents. The rumours which were circulated on Twitter and Facebook were completely incorrect and have been denied by many within the insurance industry. Jonathan went on to state “It is for situations like this that people have insurance in place – to cover the cost of damage to their property as a result of adverse weather conditions”.

Both buildings and contents insurance policies will be covered under standard policies. any homeowners who have suffered damage should take photographs of the fixtures affected, to make an inventory of the damage, and secure the property from further damage when safe to do so. It also advised that any wet or damaged contents can be removed, but recommended not disposing of these items off-site. Householders were told to check the full extent of their policies and contact their insurer or broker after the event, if there is damage.

Source: Irish Independent

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