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When it comes to getting the best rates and savings on your house insurance in Ireland, look no further than the team at! Our insurance specialists have years of experience saving our clients on their home insurance premiums. 

Our team has saved some of our clients up to 50% on their insurance when compared to quotes from other brokers. Curious how we can get you cheap house insurance?

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At We provide you with a variety of cheap house insurance options to suit your needs including:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Contents/Tenant’s Insurance
  • Landlord’s Insurance
  • Holiday/second home insurance
  • and insurance on your Airbnb rental property

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best home insurance quotes for your needs and will work with you to get the best price and policy. 

Tips For Saving On Your House Insurance

When you work with you can see the savings. You’d be amazed at how much you can save by following our house insurance saving tips such as:

Work with a broker: A  broker has the resources to determine the best price for your home insurance policy. Get a quote or speak to a member of our team today to buy your house insurance.

No Claims Discount: If you have built up a no claims bonus on your house insurance policy, you can save up to 50% on your policy with a no claims discount.

Home Security: Keeping your home secure is not just important for your family but can also help lower your premiums. Have a look at our blog for tips on how to keep your home safe.

Discount for more than one policy: If you have a van, car or commercial policy with our sister companies,,, or we can offer you a discount on your house insurance quote.
Correct rebuild cost: Make sure your house is insured for the correct rebuild value as opposed to the sale value. Visit the chartered surveyors of Ireland website for a correct valuation.

Looking for more tips to save on your home insurance? You can contact one of our Home Insurance Specialists at 01-6032999 

Our Home Insurance Savers

Over the years the team at has been proud to save people money on their house insurance in Ireland. Check out some of our success stories below. Do you recognize your homes description in these case studies? Ready for a quote? Request one now

Jim 63 Saved 50% on home insurance

Jim – Age 63 – Co. Meath – Saved €197.89 (over 50%)

Jim was shopping around for his home insurance and rang He spoke to one of our expert house insurance brokers who provided him  with a quote for €171.00 which was over 50% lower than his previous home insurance of €368.89.

Learn More About Jim's Home Insurance
Name Jim
Address Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland
Occupancy Type Main Residence
Age 63
Building 200,000
Contents 40,000
Year Built 2006
No of Bedrooms 4
House Type Detached
Alarmed Yes
Number of smoke detectors 2
Claims None
Saved €197.89

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Siobhan – Age 27 – Co. Cork – Saved €155.10 (30%) 

When Siobhan went to renew her home insurance she learned that her current insurance company intended to charge her €523.86. Deciding it was time to shop around for a cheaper quote, Siobhan went online to, requested a quote and received one for €368.76, a 30% savings on her previous insurance policy.

Learn More About Siobhan's Home Insurance
Name Siobhan
Address Midleton, Co Cork, Ireland
Occupancy Type Landlord
Age 27
Building 180,000
Contents 15,000
Year Built 1991
No of Bedrooms 3
House Type Semi Detached
Alarmed No
Number of smoke detectors 2
Claims None
Saved €155.10

Anna 63

Anna & John – Age 63 – Co. Cavan – Saved 174.24 (Over 40%)

Anna and John had been with the same insurance company for years but wanted to shop around for a cheaper quote. They contacted and their broker provided them with a quote for €217.70. Their previous insurer had offered them a premium of €391.94. With an over 40% savings it’s no wonder they went with! 

Learn More About Anna & John's Home Insurance
Name Anna
Address Ballyhaise, Co Cavan, Ireland
Occupancy Type Main Residence
Age 63
Building 210,000
Contents 42,000
Year Built 1955
No of Bedrooms 3
House Type Detached
Alarmed No
Number of smoke detectors 3
Claims None
Saved €174.24

Niall 50

Niall – Age 50 – Co. Dublin – Saved €209.33 (Over 40%)

Niall went online to get his house insurance with and got a great quote of €261.82, which he was able to purchase immediately online. His home insurance quote from his previous insurance company was €471.15. Simply completing an online quote from ended up saving Niall 50% on his previous renewal quote!

Learn More About Niall's Home Insurance
Name Niall
Address Stepaside, Dublin 18, Ireland
Occupancy Type Main Residence
Age 50
Building 300,000
Contents 60,000
Year Built 1985
No of Bedrooms 5
House Type Detached
Alarmed Yes
Number of smoke detectors 2
Claims None
Saved €209.33

Raymond 33

Raymond – Age 33 – Co. Dublin – Saved €168.89 (Over 30%)

Raymond had called numerous insurance companies when his house insurance was due for renewal looking for the best rate on his insurance. He called and received a quote of €333.43, which was over 30% lower than his best alternative quote of €502.32. Good thing he called!

Learn More About Raymond's Home Insurance
Name Raymond
Address Bohernabreena, Dublin 24, Ireland
Occupancy Type Main Residence
Age 33
Building 195,000
Contents 33,000
Year Built 1985
No of Bedrooms 2
House Type Terrace
Alarmed No
Number of smoke detectors 3
Claims None
Saved €168.89

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Note: For Data protection reasons these are not real client’s details. But the savings are real based on the details above. Quotations are based on 1st November 2013 rates supplied to by various insurers. Quotes are on a “like for like” basis and include the same benefits.