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there are many kinds of home insurance that are available throughout Ireland

Insuremyhouse.ie offers a wide range of different house insurance policy benefits that you can add or remove to suit your own needs and price.

What is covered under my Homeowner’s Insurance?

We can offer you a wide range of options on your insurance policy – for example:

You may choose to include accidental damage or not. You might not require contents cover for a shed, as you may not even have a garden shed! At insuremyhouse.ie we believe you should not be paying for benefits that you don’t require, and likewise, maybe there are policy benefits that you don’t currently have but that would benefit you.

Our policies, unless advised by us, all include standard home insurance covers such as fire, storm, flood, water damage, theft, and liability. The additional benefits we will discuss with you are typically accidental damage cover, contents in the open, specified items cover away from the home and unspecified items cover away from the home. Some of our house insurance policies may include house assist in the case of emergencies.

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