Is Your Home A Target For Burglars?

Home Target Burglars

Did you know; A third of burglaries take place between 5-8pm?

In the second half of last year almost €15 million worth of items were stolen from Irish homes by burglars. The two points of entry that were used most to gain access to homes were the front door and rear windows, according to research published recently by the An Garda Síochana.

The report was published in conjunction with the National Crime Prevention Day of Action and shows that jewellery, cash and small electronic items were the items that criminals targeted most often. It also pointed out a trend that a third of all burglaries happened between 5pm and 8pm.

Through analysis of the reported crimes from last year, the Gardaí indicated that 28% of burglars gained access through a rear window while 27% went through the front door. A further 25% broke in through a back door.

House Burglary Stats

The Central Statistics Office has released figures that show the level of burglaries fell by 9% in the 12 months up to the end of last June, but a Garda spokesman advised people that they still needed to remain vigilant, as there are still burglaries happening.

The Gardaí cautioned that most burglars look for easy targets, such as homes with no lights on, no alarm or unsecured doors and windows.

“Burglars will tend to go for what they view as easy targets – houses with no lights on, no alarm, or unsecured doors and windows. So it is critical for householders to secure all doors and windows, light up their homes even when out, and have an alarm and turn it on even when at home,” said Sgt Kelvin Courtney of the National Crime Prevention Unit.

It is also advised that you to ensure valuables are left out of sight and large amounts of cash are never kept in the house. These can act like open invitations to a burglar to break into your house and take these valuables.

It is common misconception that burglaries only happen during the night. In fact, burglaries can occur at any time throughout the day or night with over 30% taking place between 5pm and 8pm and just 15% occurring overnight.

Taking about when burglaries can happen, Sgt Courtney urged all home owners to have house alarms fitted and to ensure they were on even when people were at home, particularly at night. “It sounds condescending but if people would just lock their doors and make sure that windows were closed the rate of burglaries could fall by 20%.

He also raised a point on monitored alarms and how they have the potential to be more effective in preventing your home from becoming a target for burglars.

Another point that Sgt Courtney raised was “fishing”. This is an activity where burglars push adapted fishing rods through letterboxes to “fish” car and house keys from hall tables. There were over 100 cases where car keys were “fished” through letterboxes in the second half of last year alone. In 2013 there were 200 cases in total.

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