Home Insurance: When are you covered?

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When you have home insurance, it can sometimes be difficult to understand precisely what’s covered and what isn’t covered. Knowing exactly what your home insurance covers has been described as a ‘minefield’. With the winter weather already leaving its mark this year, you might be concerned about flood damage, damage to your outhouses and other factors. However, worry not, we’re here to give you all the information you need concerning what your insurance will cover and what it won’t.

1.Theft outside the home.

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Sometimes incidents occur where items get stolen from outside the walls of your home. This might have you scratching your head and questioning if you will be covered by your policy or not. Most insurance policies will not cover items that have been lost or stolen outside of your home. However, most policies will allow you to list separately for ‘all risks’ policies. This does come at an additional cost but it will mean that your belongings outside the home will be protected should an unexpected risk occur.

It’s a very good idea to speak to a broker if you are concerned about damage or theft outside of your home. Prevention is better than cure and your broker will be able to advice you on what policies might be suitable and how much you can expect to pay.

2.Flooding and water damage.

Flooding and water damage is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns for home owners when they are considering investing in a home insurance policy. If you live in a flood risk area then policies are a little bit different. However if you do not live in a flood risk area, then your buildings insurance should cover flood damage that is caused naturally.

Insurance will typically cover your home and your outbuildings however it will not cover swimming pools, drives, gates or tennis courts usually.

You will also be covered for water damage however this may be circumstantial to how the damage was caused. If Ireland was experiencing frost for example and your pipes froze over and burst then it is likely you will be covered. However, if your flood damage was caused by a faulty shower, you might have to speak to you broker or check your specific policy to ensure your covered.

One thing we have to stress is that if your flooding is caused by something such as a faulty shower or a bath, you should not repair the damage prior to contacting your home insurance company. You can mitigate the damage such as turning off the water at the mains. Or prevent further the damage from increasing however, if you start to repair the damage then you will not be covered.

3.Does home insurance cover central heating?

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There is no scarier thought in the winter months, than your central heating system breaking. Your central heating system is very likely to be covered by your buildings insurance to provide compensation for oil leaks, water leaks, or damage that might have been caused by frozen pipes. Smoke damage caused as a result of a faulty boiler is also likely to be covered.

There are some instances where your central heating might not be covered however. These cases arrive whereby the damage to your central heating system has been caused by general wear and tear.

For example, if your home was vacant for 30 consecutive days then you may not be covered for damages.

4.Will home insurance cover cracked walls?

There probably isn’t a house in Ireland that doesn’t have some form of crack. Every home has cracked walls and buildings naturally settle into the ground over a long period of time. This is why sometimes we see small cracks that we hadn’t seen before.

If your home is experiencing very large cracks, localised cracks or you can see daylight through your wall in the mornings, afternoons or evenings then your home might have some very serious underlying conditions.

If the cracks in your home are caused by general wear and tear the likelihood of them being covered is low, however if the cracks are caused by more serious problems, your insurance company may cover you.

5.Does home insurance cover your garage?

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It’s vital to check your policy when it comes to outhouses. This is a very common question. The contents of your garage or other outbuildings may be covered by your contents insurance for incidents involving theft for example. Some policies also cover outbuildings up to a certain value of €2000-€3000.

6.Does home insurance cover fire damage?

Your home insurance will cover any damage that has been caused by a fire or smoke. However, it is vital to ensure that your home is not underinsured. If it is you will not receive the full sum required to repair the damage and this could leave you at a loss financially.

It is therefore very important that you get an accurate rebuild value for your home. You can get an estimate to help here.

Coming into the winter months, it’s important to prevent yourself from risks. However, it’s also good to give yourself peace of mind and know what your covered for just in case the unexpected happens.

If you are on the hunt for great home insurance cover and a really great price. Then why not reach out to insuremyhouse.ie. We have expert brokers who will put in the work to ensure that you get the policy that suits you!