House Insurance FAQs

Is an insurance company?

No. is managed by City Financial Marketing Group Ltd, an insurance broker regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. City Financial Marketing Group Ltd is also a member of the Irish Brokers Association and with access to over 20 house insurance products, we believe will find the policy most suited to your needs.

We have industry expert home insurance staff that only deal with home insurance and can answer any questions you may have.

What are the different types of house insurance cover available?

Each home insurance policy is different and offers various levels of cover. Our expert team will make sure to find you the best policy that suits your needs and still save you money on your house insurance renewal premium.

What is the difference between these home insurance policies?

Every home insurance policy bought through (unless specifically advised prior to purchase) will contain the most important aspects of a home insurance. This cover is commonly referred to as the standard home insurance cover. This cover includes Fire, Storm, and Flood, Theft, Water Damage, Explosion, Alternative Accommodation, Earthquake, Vandalism and Property Owner’s Liability. Each policy will then contain certain additional benefits such as:

      • Accidental damage to TVs and other entertainment equipment
      • Accidental damage to glass
      • Full comprehensive accidental damage
      • Cover for contents in the garden
      • Cover for contents in outbuildings
      • Loss of Oil or metered water
      • Monthly Payment option
      • Replacement Locks €400
      • Tenants Liability cover
      • Loss of Rent
      • Fire Brigade charges
      • Worldwide Credit Card cover
      • Christmas and Wedding Gifts
      • Personal Accident
      • New For Old Cover
      • Emergency Assistance
      • Alternative Accommodation cover
      • 24 hour claims hotline
      • Worldwide loss of personal money
      • Freezer Contents

Our House insurance expert team will advise you prior to you buying the policy which of these benefits is included in your home insurance quote.

Is accidental damage included in my quote?

Each quote or policy will be different; You will be advised of the level of accidental cover given with quotation when you receive the quote. It really will depend on what you request and what your individual needs are. Some people may opt not to include it as this is something they feel they may never claim for, whilst others would prefer to know they have this cover if it is ever needed.

How do I calculate my Buildings sum insured?

The sum you insure your buildings for should be the total cost to rebuild the house. This should take into account the cost to build the house and the other ancillary costs such as removal of debris, professional fees. For a good guide on how to calculate the rebuilding for home insurance purposes visit (“The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland”).

How do I calculate the amount I should insure my contents for?

Contents should include all the items you would reasonably take with you if you were moving house. This would include all your personal possessions (clothes jewellery etc), furniture (beds couch etc), electrical goods (TV entertainment items etc) household white goods (washing machine fridge). We would recommend a quick valuation done room to room and calculate how much it would cost to replace the contents of each room.

Are the contents of my shed/Garage covered?

We normally include this cover as standard. But each policy will have a different amount you are covered for. Check with our home insurance experts to see how much is included in your quote.

Are the contents in my garden covered?

Yes but similar to the cover for outbuildings there will be a limit to the amount you are covered for. Please check with the experts and they will confirm the amount of cover included on your quote.

What is specified and unspecified items cover?

Specified items will cover these specific items for world wide cover. So if you choose to have this cover included on your house insurance you will give details of the item and the value. If this item is then stolen or lost in or away from the home you will be covered for the cost to replace the item. Valuations maybe required for these items.

Unspecified items; is where you choose a nominal amount of cover to cover a broad range of items during the insurance year. There is a limit in this section on any one item. For example you might choose to cover €2,000 worth of unspecified items. This would give you cover for €2,000 worth of goods away from the home but the most you can claim for any one item could be €1000.

I am a landlord what can you offer me? offers a bespoke low cost home insurance policy designed especially for landlords. This policy will insure you for the usual home insurance cover but we will also insure your house or apartment for loss of rent in the event of an incident. We also cover your liability in the event of an injury an the property.

Can I buy home insurance cover online?

Yes, once your quotation details have been checked and confirmed by you, you can either process your payment online or call us to process the payments for you.

You can pay online here for the policy.

You can call our home insurance team now on 0818 288 188 and we will gladly process your payment for you.

If you prefer you can post the payment to, Insurance House, 62a Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6w.

Customers are always welcome to call into our offices and arrange a policy or discuss any aspect of your home insurance in person with one of our experts.

What happens after I pay?

We will send you, by email or post, a cover letter confirming receipt of payment and that the cover is in force. A proposal form will be attached to complete and return to, Insurance House, 62a Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6w.

What documents will I be asked to supply?

In most home insurance cases we will ask you to sign and return a proposal. In some cases a valuation may be required.

What discounts can I expect to get?

At we have exclusive discounts for home insurance; we offer a no claims bonus system if you are claims free. We also offer discounts for having additional security such as a burglar alarm or smoke detectors. In some cases we can give an additional discount if you have car or van insurance with the same company that we offering the home insurance price through.

Can I amend my home insurance policy online?

You cannot change your cover online but go to our policy section here and you can request a change to your policy. Please note no cover will be in force until we confirm by email or by phone.

How does quote the best value premiums? has teamed up with various insurers to offer you the best value home insurance we can. By processing your household quotation online you save us time, we then pass this saving back to you the customer in the form of discounts. By getting a highly trained home insurance expert to review each quote individually, we make sure you are getting all the discounts you are entitled to in order to save you money. By allowing this house online discount we guarantee to reduce your premiums.

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