Halloween Home Safety Tips

Halloween Home Safety Tips Insuremyhouse

Make Sure Your Home is Protected this Halloween.

Tips for an Accident-Free Halloween!

Yay, it’s Halloween! A holiday which allows us all to get our creative juices flowing. Whether you are slaving away trying to stitch together your kid’s clever Halloween costumes together or you’re perfecting your own eerie get up, Halloween can be one of the most exciting holidays of the year. Without being too pessimistic, we must inform you of the hazards which come tightly packaged with all the crazy festivities of Halloween. Everything from poorly lit walkways, black-cat bangers, sparklers and fireworks can pose a threat to your home and trick-or-treaters. We have provided a list of safety tips to keep your house safe ahead of all the madness.

Keep Walkways Well Lit

Turn on all outside lights and indoor lights at the front of your house, to avoid your guests taking an unwanted tumble. This will also signal a welcome to trick-or-treaters! Make sure your pumpkins are not a fire hazard. Use LED lights as alternatives to candles when illuminating your pumpkins. It may not have the same chilling effect, but it is important to extinguish all fire hazards, especially on a busy night like Halloween.

Practice Indoor Fire Safety

Throwing a Halloween party for the kids? Ensure you keep flammable decorations to a minimum. Avoid party accessories such as sparklers, black-cat bangers and fireworks.

Secure Railings

Young children, and the adults who often accompany them, will need the security and support of railings while climbing steps to get to your front door. Now would be a good time to fix that loose railing you have been putting off for months.

Keep Walkways Clear

Make sure the way to the front of your door is free from tripping hazards, as trick or treaters do not pay close attention to where they are walking (they get pretty excited!). Be sure your yard is free of hoses and sprinklers and clear the moss off your slippery steps.

Use Discretion When Opening the Door

Most trick or treaters are innocent children that are out to collect as much candy as possible. However, you must still be cautious to whom you are opening your door to, as not everyone might approach your house in search of treats. If you have an uneasy feeling about a person approaching your door, don’t open it. Now is the time to make use of that fisheye lense! As the stream of trick-or-treaters gets less to just a few here and there, it might be a good idea to stop opening the door for the night. Instead you could leave a bowl of goodies on the porch, so children can help themselves. If you have a security camera you can observe them from inside your house. If you do want to sit outside on the porch sit with a friend or family member so you are not alone. There is always safety in numbers and make sure you keep your cell phone close by.

Check Your Homeowners Coverage

Make sure your house is adequately covered. Opening your door to visitors, even if they are just children looking for candy on your front porch, they can expose you to potential insurance claims as well as lawsuits.

Secure Your Home

Are you not going to be home for Halloween this year? Make sure your home is secure before you leave. Turn your alarm system on. Leave your outside lights off, so children know not to come to your house for candy. Make use of timers in order to make potential burglars believe that someone is home.

Following these ideas and making your home as safe as possible allows you to focus on having fun and enjoying the Halloween season to the fullest.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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