Flooded? Claim Some Relief Aid

Over the last few weeks Ireland has been at the mercy of the ‘storm factory’ that is the North Atlantic. High tides and storm surges alongside the relentless wind and rain have wreaked havoc across Ireland.

Flooded House

Coastal towns and cities in Galway, Cork, Kerry, Wexford and more have suffered greatly with flooding from the sea. Even inland towns across the country have suffered flooding due to rivers bursting their banks with all the extra rainfall. Some areas have all but been washed away due to flooding.

Business and homes has been under water in some areas for days, and with more storms on the horizon this flooding is set to continue. What has been surprising is that areas that were once not prone to flooding are now being looked at with new eyes and in some cases being added to the list of known flood plains.

The Irish government has set up a €25 million flood relief fund which will be used to help those badly affected by the recent flooding. Phil Hogan, the Environment Minister, has announced that €25 million of funding is available for food, clothing and accommodation to help families, affected by the floods, over the next few days and weeks.

Flood Rescue

People who were affected can access this fund through two schemes which are available through the Department of Social Protection.

The Exceptional Needs and Urgent Needs Payments Scheme is available at Community Welfare Offices and is aimed at immediate needs such as the purchase of food, clothing, fuel and household goods. A number of emergency clinics have been set up in the worst affected areas. You can find more information on this scheme here.


The Humanitarian Assistance Scheme, which is means tested, is focused on social welfare recipients who cannot afford to repair the damage to their homes. Essential contents such as carpets, flooring, furniture, bedding, household appliances and structural damage will all be considered and no limit has been set but it will not be allocated until the flood water abates and houses dry out.

You can read up on how to apply for this scheme here. To download the application form for The Humanitarian Assistance Scheme click here.

If you are looking to claim a share in the €25million flood relief fund, but are still unsure of the process and how to approach it then you can contact your local community welfare office. A list of each local office around the country can be found here.

Alternatively you can call and speak to one of our house insurance specialists, they are more than happy to point you in the right direction with how and where to go to put in a claim. You can call and speak to them on 0818 288 188.