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Guides and tips on protecting your home

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Home Insurance: When are you covered?

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When you have home insurance, it can sometimes be difficult to understand precisely what’s covered and what isn’t covered. Knowing exactly what your home insurance covers has been described as a ‘minefield’. With the winter weather already leaving its mark this year, you might be concerned about flood damage, damage to your outhouses and other […]

How to reduce your home insurance premium

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Houses are expensive from the outset, you have maintenance costs, heating costs, electricity bills and  you also have to keep up with your home insurance premiums. Protecting your home against risks is an essential part of owning a home. If something unexpected occurs you don’t want to be liable for a huge financial sum, that why home insurance is so important. Now that we […]

Undervaluing your house: Do you know all the risks?

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Underinsurance is a subject which is becoming a mounting concern for many financial institutions. For anyone who doesn’t know, underinsurance is the term used to describe inadequately covering your house with regard to insurance ie. Valuing it for €100’000 when it’s worth €200’000.In recent research developed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors the widespread […]

What do you need to have on hand when purchasing home insurance


In the event of the unexpected, it’s important to have home insurance. You spend the bulk of your time in your own home and it’s an important asset to everyone. That’s why for peace of mind alone, it’s essential to invest in house insurance cover. Getting an insurance quote can be relatively stress free. While […]