The Ultimate Home Insurance Guide: Part 1

Home Insurance Guide Part 1

Unfortunately, the nature of insurance means that you need to think about bad situations that could happen to you … burglaries, medical problems, car accidents, emergency home repairs. It may sound gloomy to have to think of what could happen in the future but it’s important to do, in order to protect yourself from some of life’s […]

My House Was Robbed: What’s The Next Step?

House Robbed Guide

According to the Central Statistics Office ( house burglaries have been on the rise year on year. In 2012 there were 28,000 recorded burglaries across Ireland. If you become the target of a home burglary, it’s perfectly normal go through a wide range of feelings. It can leave you feeling vulnerable, upset, angry, and afraid. The most […]

Flooded? Claim Some Relief Aid

Over the last few weeks Ireland has been at the mercy of the ‘storm factory’ that is the North Atlantic. High tides and storm surges alongside the relentless wind and rain have wreaked havoc across Ireland. Coastal towns and cities in Galway, Cork, Kerry, Wexford and more have suffered greatly with flooding from the sea. […]