Do I need a specific type of insurance if letting a house?

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In today’s edition of the Irish Independent Managing Director Jonathan Hehir answers readers’ questions along with Sinead Ryan in her Home Economics section. The full question posed by the reader was: “I am letting out a house I own for the first time. I have fitted it out with furniture which is sturdy but […]

Ask the expert – Your property questions answered

Ask Expert Your property questions answered

Deirdre McCarthy of answers your pressing property questions in this week’s Irish Independent property review with Sinead Ryan. Q. My mother has recently moved in with me and her house is vacant while we decide what to do with it. She may need nursing-home care and I don’t want to sell it until we know this. […]

Landlords must notify insurers that they are renting their properties

Landlords must notify insurers that they are renting their properties

If you decide to rent out your house you must notify your insurer – that is the message being sent loud and clear to landlords. Leading home insurance experts at caution of trouble down the line in relation to home insurance claims made by Ireland’s “accidental landlords”. The experts claim that many homeowners have, in recent […]

Landlords who have incorrect insurance in place may face huge costs

Landlords incorrect insurance face huge costs

Dublin’s “accidental landlords” who have rented out rooms or properties are exposed to a huge financial hit, experts have warned. Leading home insurance specialists at say there could be trouble down the line in relation to claims made by those renting their homes out without the correct cover in place. The experts claim that many homeowners […]

Up to 350,000 people in rental accommodation with no insurance!

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On Picture: Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director, A study conducted by indicated that up to half of the 700,000 Irish people living in leased houses and apartments have no insurance cover. Recent figures suggest over 700,000 people in Ireland live in rented accommodation. The number of people renting their home is growing consistently and […]

Guide to Protecting Your Home – Tips for Home Security Part 1

Guide Protecting Home Tips Home Security Part 1

When it comes to securing your home from potential threats, there are a number of things that you can proactively do to ensure your home is the most secure version of itself that it can be. From acknowledging your attitude to your home’s security and taking basic measures to protect it, to identifying your most […]

Alone Ireland sponsored by

Alone Ireland Sponsored Insuremyhouse

ALONE Ireland​’s new Christmas ad highlights the importance of ageing with dignity, urging older people not to be afraid to ask for the care and support they deserve and are entitled to. This Christmas, we are delighted to partner with Alone Ireland, the national organisation that helps older people in need. For more information, visit: […]

New MultiYear Home Insurance Policies

MultiYear Home Insurance Policies

Introducing our New Two and Three Year Home Insurance Policies from With‘s new MultiYear Home Insurance policies you can protect your home and contents while enjoying the certainty of a guaranteed price for two or three years. MultiYear Home Insurance Core Advantages: You get to lock the price in for 2/3 years – so no […]