Living Roof… The Proof Is In The Pod

Over the last number of years there has been an increased effort to design and build homes that are more and more efficient. In the process of designing these houses architects and designers are playing with and incorporating self-sufficiency into their plans. One such architectural & design co-operative, NAU, have worked to design a completely self-sustaining and compact living capsule. They call it the Living Roof.

Living Roof 1

The size and low weight specifications of the Living Roof mean it can be transported anywhere at a moment’s notice. Allowing this ultra-insulated shell, with its regenerative systems, to exist almost entirely ‘off the grid’.

Living Roof 2

As part of the design, the Living Roof incorporates mini wind turbines, a water collection and filtration system, and photovoltaic cells that are integrated into the outer shell. These features all combine to make this structure one of the world’s greenest.

Living Roof 3

Instead of the ‘traditional’ layout of horizontally separated areas, the design includes a verticle element called the ‘Functional Ring’. This has different layouts depending on what mode the person selects. It has a lounge area, work space and a sleeping area. When the required mode is selected the ‘functional ring’ rotates to the desired mode.

Living Roof 4

As you can see, people are pushing the boundaries with our designs and ideas for future homes. This Living Roof is just a concept design but the different elements involved may just be fully developed into our homes in the near future. Do you know of any other wonderful future house concepts? Share them with us on our Facebook using #FutureHome. We may even do an extended blog from your ideas.

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