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Protect Your Home: A Guide To Fire Safety

28 February 2014

It only takes 30 seconds or less for a small flame to turn into a major out of control fire. That major fire can damage or destroy your home, your belongings, and potentially injure or kill members of...

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Flooded? Claim Some Relief Aid

11 February 2014

Over the last few weeks Ireland has been at the mercy of the ‘storm factory’ that is the North Atlantic. High tides and storm surges alongside the relentless wind and rain have wreaked hav...

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Top Tips For House Crime Prevention

31 January 2014

House burglaries are not a new phenomenon and they certainly don’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon by the looks of the approx. 28,000 that happen every year in Ireland. Having y...

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Living Roof… The Proof Is In The Pod

21 January 2014

Over the last number of years there has been an increased effort to design and build homes that are more and more efficient. In the process of designing these houses architects and designers are playi...

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Top Tips For Reducing Your Home Insurance Premium

16 January 2014

Have you noticed that the cost of your house insurance coverage has increased significantly over the last several years? Here in Ireland there is word that insurance premiums may increase, putting the...

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Strange Houses: Part 2

07 January 2014

In part one (Read Here) of this two part series on strange houses from around the world. We saw so very unique and unusual houses that people had designed and built. In part 2 we have unearthed houses...

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Strange Houses: Part 1

03 January 2014

Every year more and more people around the world are designing and building their own homes. The popularity of self-build TV programmes is rising rapidly and more people are looking to make unique hou...

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House or UFO?

30 December 2013

So in our last blog we looked at some of the most lavish and expensive houses in the world. This time around we have decided to push the boat out a little and explore the notion of houses that look li...

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The World's Most Expensive Houses

23 December 2013

At we insure homes of many different sizes and values. Some small, some large. We decided to make a list of the world’s most expensive houses. Before we did the research we didn...

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Decorations: How Much Is Too Much?

17 December 2013

Every year there are a few occasions when people decide to decorate their houses, such as Halloween or Christmas. There will often be that one house that makes you shield your eyes as you walk by beca...

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We've Got Christmas Covered

05 December 2013

Christmas is a time of spreading joy and happiness with each other. It only takes one thing to go wrong to spoil all of this. According to the Central Statistics Office ( house burglaries h...

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29 May 2013 is a low cost home insurance website that allows you to choose policies that suits you. We are developing the site with the intention of allowing you to access your home insurance pol...

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